May 11, 2017

Should have made this a long time ago. I go on strolls practically every day, basically to fulfill my desire to be in the sun, move around, jam out, and to see what I find. Since I moved to Los Angeles last September I mainly have been strolling around Echo Park (usually at the lake) and surrounding areas.

When I stroll I listen to music and watch the show that is the world and the people around me. I’m always inspired by the beautiful places I discover, and the happenings that people often miss when they’re rushing through life. Strolls are my way to take in life and enjoy the now.

I am starting this blog as a personal documentation of the vibes of the day. Whenever I feel like it I’ll post pictures of the things I see, accompanied with the music I’m feeling at the time. I want to look back at these lil vignettes and remember specific moments in my life. Hope you enjoy or whatever!


  • Element – Kendrick Lamar
  • Maud Gone – Car Seat Headrest
  • Molly – Palehound
  • Passed You By – Chicano Batman
  • Pleasure – Feist
  • & more Car Seat Headrest


Echo Park was lovely as usual.


Saw the little teen ducklings again, reminded me about how I probably see the ducks at the lake having sex more than I am doing it myself.

Strolled to three different thrift stores on Sunset and they all had just closed (7pm).

Saw a shirtless white guy with dreads and turquoise leggings, which reminded me of Isla Vista.

Felt grateful for my new job and current location.

Wore my new yellow Adidas Gazelles that are already dirty.

Got another Snapchat of my dog from my mom. It was a good one.

Wondered if I’m more along the lines of young explorer girl or lonely elderly woman who walks around aimlessly.


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