May 12, 2017

Back down in San Diego for the weekend. Gloomy evening but I felt like I should get off the couch, where I usually get stuck when I visit home. Took the fam dog Ollie for a spin on my usual neighborhood route (suburbia am I right).  Love Ollie but the pup is the most awkward walker on Earth, and only will walk on the right side. Very Zoolander of him.


Put my songs on shuffle and Spotify supplied some old-ish jams, a pretty solid line-up and I only skipped a few in the mix. Pretty consistent vibes for the most part, I need to look into their shuffle algorithm because I’ve always been curious.


  • 15 Step – Radiohead
  • LDN – Lily Allen
  • Tiger Tank – Speedy Ortiz
  • He’s Heating Up – HOMESHAKE
  • Walk in the Park – Beach House
  • Terry – Action Bronson
  • Steady On My Mind – Parquet Courts
  • Nico – Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel
  • I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones
  • My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars – Mitski
  • Salamanda Palaganda – Ty Segall cover
  • Cut Dick – Mr. Oizo (lol)


‘Walk in the Park’ by Beach House always reminds me of the time I visited my sister in San Francisco a few years¬†back. While she was class I walked around Golden Gate Park by myself for hours with Beach House on repeat, and that song was especially fitting.

On my stroll today I thought about this dumb blog, and realized that it’s essentially a way to force myself to write at least something on a regular basis. Also I just love sharing what I’m listening to and starting conversations with people about what they’re listening to, so hit me up with the tunes. It’s kind of nice just letting shuffle do it’s thing and see what songs you forgot about.

Today I had my last day at my job, which was bittersweet, and then drove down here. I did a lot of thinking in the car, and am feeling good about life and the many new things blossoming. Also excited to be reuniting with my best friend tonight!




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