May 22, 2017

Back at it again at the lake. Nothing like man-made nature and incredible people-watching.


It’s been a minute since I’ve strolled, but today after work the mood was right and the sun was just perfectly golden.



  • The Other Side – NVDES
  • Ça a raté – Françoise Hardy
  • Playground Love – Air (may Air vibez lately)
  • In Love – Soft Hair
  • Paranoid – Kanye West




Today was one of those days that was amazing for no reason at all. Maybe there’s something in the air this Gemini season, but I’m loving everything right now. Work doesn’t even feel like work, it feels like the dopest thing I’m doing with my life actually. So many new and old friends are showing up in my life too, and I’m just enjoying the ride.

Walking around outside while listening to music just feels like a show in itself. It’s amazing that we can sync music to our own lives just like we do with video.  Feels good to be in the physical/sonic world you choose.


Saw a shit ton of dogs, including a Bernese Mountain Dog, one of my favorites, and an Akita, which reminded me of Rent.

Saw a few guys in suits filming something with a shoulder rig, which reminded me of when I used to film stuff with a shoulder rig.

Saw a neon old lady.

Saw a dude not land a skate trick.

Saw a little boy with a shirt that had an electric guitar on it and text that said “Rocking Mommy’s World!”

Saw this guy catching a fish that will probably give him a disease if he eats it (someone please explain to me the fishermen of Echo Park Lake):


Then I ran into an old friend and chatted for a bit.

Then I drove by another old friend and exchanged a surprised wave.



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