August 10, 2017

Almost been three months but we back motherfuckerz

IMG_3704 2

June was my birthday, July I went south of the equator, and August I’m getting shit done. Life has been crazy busy, but haven’t stopped tha strollz (just been lazy about documenting them). Honestly I only get creative projects done when I’m in the mood to, and my inspiration levels are constantly fluctuating. But feeling energized and ready to share the tunez!!


Hit the lake once again, never disappoints. Peep tha turtle above.


  • The Body is a Blade – Japanese Breakfast
  • Black Summer – UMM
  • Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith
  • Bleak Bake – King Krule
  • Romantic – Mannequin Pussy
  • Out In The Country – The Meters
  • Other People – Jon Bap
  • Expectations – Belle and Sebastian

Some solid jamz if you ask me…


After some nice lighting and a variety of dogs (black pug was a standout), I took it to the streets. Made me miss the street art in Chile, but found some gems.  On my trip I was ready to leave it all behind and live anywhere but LA (if you live in LA and never feel that way you are a robot), but today just driving with the windows down, and people watching as the sun set, reminded me that even on the more mundane days, life is easy to enjoy here. It helps that I listen to music while I work, drive, and stroll (literally all day long).

I’ve just started taking on more at both of my jobs and am getting emails from my bosses non-stop, but it’s an exciting feeling being productive and relied upon, especially when the projects at hand are dope. Funny how being more busy at work has actually led to me getting more done creatively on the side. And by done I mean I’m actually making things – finishing them is another story. I realize now that this is not stroll related at all, but I guess after being in my own head for a bit, I just tuned out on my walk and nothing phased me. Except a chihuahua sitting on a bench next to his owner – wow.


I also saw a sign in an apartment window that said “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” The picture I took of it was too shitty to post, but I thought that was sweet.

Until next stroll…



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